Easter Lilies in the Spotlight

Growers find them challenging because the date of Easter varies from one year to the next, as does spring weather. But somehow they always seem to produce these beauties for us to enjoy.

How to get the most from your lily…
Want to enjoy your Easter lily as long as you can? Here are simple time-proven tips.

1. If it is sleeved, remove the sleeve from the bottom up, carefully tearing it away. Our instinct is to try to save the sleeve. Trust me – you have absolutely no reason to do so.

2. Keep your plant moist, bright and cool – just as it was in the greenhouse. Do not leave it standing in water, however.

3. As the individual flowers just start to open, carefully pinch off the anthers (flower parts that contain pollen) with tweezers. The pollen will stain the petals, and it’s sticky.

4. Avoid hot drafts and bright, warm windows. They will cause flowers to fade prematurely.

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What to do when it’s through blooming…
When the plant has finished flowering, plant it into your perennial garden. It will do best in morning sun with afternoon shade. It will bloom again next year – probably a few weeks after Easter, but don’t be surprised if it plays out after a few years, due primarily to the Texas summertime heat.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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