Fun and Funky Fences

We use fences to keep pets and children in place. We use them for security and privacy. Sometimes we just use them to separate parts of our gardens. But those are the utilitarian reasons for fences. I thought it might be more fun to look into the unusual reasons folks assign to their fencing, and that’s what I’ve wheeled in today.

This beautiful little fence matches two different curves and presents a variety of shrub sizes, textures and colors. It could easily enough be a do-it-yourself project.
Folks at the Antique Rose Emporium have long been known for their whimsy. Few among us would think of painting our pickets purple, but look what happened when they did!

Wood fencing…
If you have a color scheme that you’re trying to match in your gardens, don’t be afraid to try something shocking. Purple or lavender fences can look pretty spectacular when they’re paired up with reseeding petunias and larkspurs. White picket fencing provides the perfect backdrop for colorful annuals. Tall picket fences provide a degree of privacy, while short picket fences function mostly for delineation.

This garden is Alpine is accessed through old salvaged doors.

If you really want to hang out your funk, use old doors as your gates. There is an almost endless supply at the big salvage yards. Hunt ‘til you find a couple of matching doors that call your name, then construct a suitable “door jamb” to support them. Seal all of the wood with some type of outdoor waterproof finish.

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Dig This! Nursery in Hamilton presents a fence that’s 98 percent fun and funk and 2 percent anything else.

Or, even more off the beaten garden path, construct your fence from gardening tools, new or old. Dig This! Nursery in Hamilton had done just that several years ago when we happened by. It wasn’t much about security or privacy, but it caught our eyes to be sure!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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