Gardening This Weekend: December 26, 2019

Here’s our short-list of big responsibilities for this weekend between the holidays.

Pansies, pinks and other annual color to spruce up your entry and patio.
Fruit trees, grapes and bramble berries, but stick with varieties recommended by Texas A&M.

Begin pruning peach and plum trees to remove strongly vertical shoots.
Grapes to remove 80 to 85 percent of cane growth. You’ll have better clusters of higher quality fruit as a result.
Do NOT top crape myrtles! We’ll give more details later, but if you’re about get out the saws and start whacking, just wait!

Newly transplanted trees, shrubs with liquid, high-phosphate root stimulator monthly.
Pansies and other annuals with diluted, high-nitrogen food each time that you water them.

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Remove mistletoe as you see new clumps developing.
Apply broadleafed weedkiller spray to non-grassy weeds. (See related story this issue.)
Weakened branches that could break should your area have an ice or snow storm.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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