Ever Need a Weed ID?

In the 50 years that I’ve been answering gardeners’ questions I’ve probably been asked to identify 500 kinds of weeds. They’ve been pulled out of pockets and purses, off dashboards and trunks. They’ve been posted on Facebook with that website’s super-grainy 50kb low resolution.

Did you know these four weeds? Clockwise from upper left, they are henbit, wild carrot, khakiweed and lawn burweed.

Sometimes those IDs are easy. Like dandelions and dallisgrass. But sometimes they’re incredibly difficult. Clovers look like woodsorrel, and dichondra gets mixed up with dollarweed.

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So, here from Texas AgriLife Extension turf specialists Drs. Casey Reynolds and Matt Elmore and their cameras, are images and IDs of almost 100 of the most common lawn weeds from Texas. My bet is that you’ve seen 90 percent of them, but that you couldn’t have named half of those. (That’s true for me.) Each of these images can be enlarged, and there are multiple images for the various weeds.

This is just a great web page. Click to take a look.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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