Most-Asked Question from Weekend Radio

Fruit and pecans are not my specialty. For that reason, for the past 37 years, I have invited my friend Dr. George Ray McEachern of Texas A&M, to be my guest one Sunday morning on my radio program on WBAP each year.

That Sunday was this past weekend, and you can hear the podcast from my website. (Sunday, Feb. 2, both hours) However, I will share with you the question that many people were asking:
“I had a huge crop of pecans, but why were so few filled out?”

We all wish our pecans would be this lovely. Unfortunately, they don’t always fill out this well.

Dr. McEachern explained to us that July and August are the months when pecans enlarge and fill out. A consistent supply of water during those months is essential. Water travels to the far ends of the shucks and then comes back into the kernels where it allows them to grow to full size.

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If you have a pecan variety that produces large fruit, and especially if you are on shallow soil, drought can be especially hard on yield. It’s imperative that you water frequently – certainly weekly, preferably a couple of times weekly, and deeply.

If it helps you feel better at all, please know that you are certainly not alone. Gardeners from all over Texas faced this same fate in 2019.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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