Question of the Week – Number 2: February 27, 2020

“A lawn care company treats my turf, but their schedules aren’t the same as yours. Is that OK?”

Probably so.

You are paying for results, not for adherence to somebody’s (my) application schedule. If you’ve been satisfied with their results in the past, that should be your benchmark.

The difference may very well lie in the fact that they have access to commercial pre- and post-emergent products that we mere consumers can’t buy. So they’re able to come onto a lawn that’s already greening up and still make their applications without fear of harming the turfgrass or landscape plants.

Lawns can end up looking pretty rough after a winter. What if the lawn maintenance company’s schedule doesn’t match up with timings I give you here?

And, on a practical note, they have scores of customers, while you and I have only one lawn to treat. I can be very specific in giving optimal dates for us as individuals, but it’s basically rude for me to dictate that a commercial applicator be on every one of his or her customers’ lawns in a very short time period.

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Again, what you want is results. Let your eye and your instincts be your best judge. Most of these companies do outstanding work. You’ll be able to tell. My dates are primarily intended to be used by consumers.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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