Two Critical Lawn-Care Stories

I promise you 5 stories in e-gardens each week. This week, however, I’m going to give you even more – after a fashion. I’m going to revisit two critical ones to hold them up and shout them out to you again. Their message must be heard now.

Pre-emergent Time is Here Now!
If you want to avoid winter and spring weeds that make your lawn look ultra-trashy come March, April and May, it’s time to apply your pre-emergent granules now.

You must get your pre-emergent(s) applied before Labor Day. Do not delay!

Here is the story I wrote for you last week. Even if you read it, better read it again.

Continued Below

Chinch bugs will soon ruin most of this St. Augustine lawn.

Chinch bugs vs. Gray Leaf Spot
I’m getting a dozen or more questions each week asking about St. Augustine that appears to be burning up. In a few cases it’s turning yellow. Respectively, it’s chinch bug damage (still very common across Texas) and gray leaf spot (a fungus that will soon start to wane).

Here was a story I wrote a month ago and to which I’ve referred perhaps a dozen people in the past week. It will help you determine which of the two problems might be attacking your St. Augustine turf.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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