Question of the Week – Number 2: October 1, 2020

“Why does my St. Augustine look so bad? What can I do to get it to bounce back?”

These lawns have been ravaged by chinch bugs, and it most likely happened in late July, August or into early September.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to find active chinch bugs in the lawn now.

They are BB-sized black insects that will always show up in the hottest, sunniest parts of your yard, often against fences, patios, drives or sidewalks where sunlight can be reflected.

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The grass will appear to be wilted, but irrigation will not help it bounce back.

Soon it will brown and start to die.

At this point, however, no further damage will be done since the weather is turning cooler.

Areas with dead grass will probably have to be resodded in April.

Just make note of the damage and locations and be sure you keep your eye on them next summer so that you can stay ahead of the pests.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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