Poachers Beware!

In this day of heavy doses of political and violent news, this story jumped off the Super Retina glass of the AP app on my iPhone. It was neither political nor gory.

This is an innocent photo from the Sperry greenhouse, but it was plants like some of these that were stolen by professional plant thieves, then taken from Chile to Italy.

Sometime right before the pandemic began, Italian police made a big plant bust and arrested a guy who had plundered the desert in Chile to bring rare and endangered cacti back to Europe with dreams of handsome profits.

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If he had done that with animals on the verge of extinction, he’d have been in jail before he could say “Ivory-billed woodpecker,” but plants don’t get the same respect.

But I need to let AP tell the story. I think you’ll find it interesting. Click to go to their website.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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