If this field is any indication…

It’s a solid wall of ragweed! Click image for larger view.

Because of all the spring and summer rain, ragweed is going to be merciless for those who are attacked by its pollen. In a lifetime of watching it grow, I don’t recall ever seeing a field as solidly filled with robust plants 8 to 10 feet tall. A farmer or gardener trying to raise it as a cash crop couldn’t do a better job if he or she tried. That’s a farmhouse going out-of-frame upper-right. Pity those poor folks if they’re allergic.

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Ragweed’s pollen is wind-borne, carrying for miles. Many people mistake the handsome and harmless goldenrod as being the source of their problem, but truth is that goldenrod has sticky pollen that’s transferred by bees and other pollinators.

So that you’ll know what ragweed looks like, here’s a closeup.

If you’re in a part of Texas where ragweed pollen causes you problems, look around you now and cut it down before it starts blooming. The more of it you cut and remove, the less agony you’ll be in over the next couple of months.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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