PRIME TIME to prevent winter weeds!

Please hear my message. You get one chance to prevent the ugly weeds that plague Texas lawns each February through April. Weeds like annual bluegrass, rescuegrass, ryegrass and other cool-season grasses.

That time is here now, and if you don’t act in the next two weeks the weed seeds will germinate and you will have missed your opportunity entirely.

If you had annual bluegrass in or near your lawn last spring, you’ll have it again this year. That’s unless you apply pre-emergent weedkiller granules now! Click image for larger view.

What to use…
Dimension, Balan or Halts granules.

How are they likely to be labeled?
Most will probably be called “Crabgrass Preventer” or something similar. That’s their prime use (with spring treatments). The same products work for this fall application.

What are the dates for application?
Between August 25 and September 5. (It’s fine to extend date to Labor Day.) Must be applied before weed seeds start to germinate. Hence the warning that “You get one chance.”

Where to buy them…
Independent retail garden centers, hardware stores and feed stores should have them.

Ryegrass (dark green) and annual bluegrass make for an unsightly mess of an early spring lawn. Prevent both with application of pre-emergent granules now. Click image for larger view.

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Are they safe on any type of lawngrass?
Yes, as long as it has been through its first winter so that it is well established.

Are they safe beneath trees and near shrubs?
Yes. Those three products are.

How do I apply them?
With a broadcast fertilizer spreader. Water moderately after application to help them cover soil surface.

Is there a similar product I can use for non-grassy weeds like clover, dandelions, henbit and chickweed?
Yes. Apply Gallery. However, it is more expensive and you do get a second chance with broadleafed weeds. If necessary you can treat them with a product containing 2,4-D. There are many on the market, all labeled as “broadleafed weedkiller sprays.”

Posted by Neil Sperry
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