Vinca Soiree Kawaii®

Flowers of Vinca ‘Soiree Kawaii Coral’ are obviously tiny. Photo sent to me by Steve Huddleston from the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Vincas have been mainstays in Texas landscapes for decades. They took a few years off when Phytophthora water mold fungus became a real issue (caused their stems to rot and the plants to die).

The Cora, and now Cora XDR (extra disease-resistant), series have really helped as they have brought resistance to this pesky disease to our gardens.

Sometimes smaller flowers give a more dazzling overall show. Again, these are Vinca ‘Soiree Kawaii Coral’ sent to me by Steve Huddleston of the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in their plantings.
Here’s how great they can look in a landscape bed at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden (photo by Steve Huddleston). As always with vincas, it’s best to plant them in a raised bed to ensure perfect drainage.

But the new kid on the block is this great little wonder called Vinca Soiree Kawaii. It might be one you’ll want to consider next year.

Steve said this, and every web page I read also told me that “Kawaii” is Japanese for “cute,” so I’ll mention it here as well – because they are.

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Details you’ll want to know…
Catharanthus hybrid
• Height: 8 to 10 inches
• Spread: 12 to 18 inches
• Flower size: Small (dime-sized), free-flowering
• Flower colors: Pink, coral, lavender-purple, red shades, white with red eyes
• Sun/Shade: Full sun to mostly sun
• Soil type: Well-draining, highly organic
• Best uses: Raised beds, patio pots
• Availability: Limited this late in the season; check in late spring, early summer.

Vinca Soiree Light Purple
White Peppermint
Red Shades

These photos are from the website of Proven Winners®, the supplier of this outstanding new group of plants.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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