People are always asking me what I’m up to these days, so I figured I’d just pull a few cell phone photos to let you know.

At the Longview Arboretum: I’m enjoying the Candletrees
and planting some early fall color.

Hanging watercolor paintings in the Nature Center with friends.

Working on what will soon be a groovalicious arroyo.

The first completed section.

Few things in life bring joy to my silly heart like a trip to the stone yard. I want them ALL!

Continued Below

I got to play Hagrid in the Harry Potter event at the Arboretum!
Outside in the heat…ugh. BUT…I had a fan!
Thanks to the Longview Symphony for making all the magic!

(Photo courtesy of Forbes & Butler)

I went to the TNLA Trade Show in San Antonio!

I saw fabulous Crape Myrtles along the Riverwalk; goofed around with my 33rd cousin Mark Chamblee; drooled over a gorgeous tray of succulents; had a debate with Greg Grant on whether the carpet pattern looked like a stained glass window or a cardiovascular system.

At home, I went down memory lane while looking through some old stuff.

Painted a little owl various shades of blue in my studio.

And finally…I had a crazy flashback while chopping some purple onions.

We’re on the downhill side of another scorching summer! Make plans for the beautiful Autumn!
Peace & Love,


Come see me! I’ll be giving a presentation for the Fall Gardening Program at the AgriLife Extension Service (203 W. Main St.) in Nacogdoches. Friday, October 1, 2021 at 9:30am.

Coming up like a freight train at the Longview Arboretum!
For details, go to www.longviewarboretum.org.


Fall Concert Series
@ Longview Arboretum

Fun, Friends, & Frivolity!

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