Plant of the Week – Mexican Mint Marigold: October 21, 2021

I’ve grown this great little plant for probably 25 years. THIS great little plant. The same plant. Same clump. Same place in my garden. It would be easy to forget that it’s there. Except that I enjoy it too much to forget it.

Mexican mint marigold is one of my favorite fall perennials.

Here’s what you’ll want to know…
Mexican mint marigold (Tagetes lucida) is a true marigold.

Pleasant licorice-like fragrance to its foliage.

Also known as French tarragon. Chefs tell us it can be used as a substitute for the more finicky, heat-hating regular tarragon.

Perennial, at least in the southern 80 percent of Texas.

Mexican mint marigold grows into tall clumps.

Grows rather upright in clumps to 18 inches tall.

Blooms in fall with golden yellow flowers along its stems.

Unaffected by spider mites. (They wreck the annual African and French marigolds.)

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Mexican mint marigolds bloom at the same time the migrating Monarchs come through Texas.

An absolute favorite of butterflies.

Grow in full sun in highly organic, well-draining soil.

Displays well alongside fall asters and Mexican bush sage for contrast of colors.

Trim back near ground after first freeze.

Dig and divide in late winter, just as new growth is beginning.

Our original plant has multiplied into small clusters of plants. They have a permanent place in the Sperry home gardens.
Posted by Neil Sperry
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