Question of the Week – Number 1: November 25, 2021

These are Shumard red oaks that are examples of trees that will not leaf back out again in spring 2022.

“My red oak has dead limbs in its top. Can I leave them to see if they will leaf out in the spring?”

They aren’t going to leaf out. If they’ve gone all of this past year without putting out new leaves, they’re dried and brittle – as in dead.

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Those branches are going to crack and break off. They’re heavy, and they’re going to do extreme damage to the remaining parts of the tree when they fall.

They put the people, pets and property beneath them at great risk. It’s a risk you do not want to take. Have a certified arborist look at your tree. Have any and all necessary pruning done as soon as you can.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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