Question of the Week – Number 1: December 16, 2021

“Neil, we are having foundation work done around our home. They will be digging shrubs that are 30 years old. Can they be saved?”

If they were dug with great care, they could theoretically probably be saved. However, shrubs that have been growing side-by-side for that long have probably become misshapen by one another. Even the best-trained landscaping crew would have a difficult time reassembling them into an attractive garden design. Not to mention the fact that some of them might not survive being dug and reset in the first place.

These hollies have been growing in the same place for too many years. To dig and replant them would be the final straw. Take them out. Have the foundation work done, then replant with a new garden design.

I always suggest that homeowners use this as a reason for remodeling their landscapes. We have so many exciting new plants available today. Landscaping concepts have changed dramatically over those years. Redevelop the beds with new garden designs.

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All of which will give you a fresh, beautiful landscape, and it will take a lot of the angst and concern off your shoulders (and those of the folks who are trying to make your house’s foundation whole once again).

Good luck with the whole process! When it’s done by a good company, foundation repairs really do work!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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