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Trees – and even parts of trees are perhaps even more important in dry California than they are here in Texas. (OK, it’s about the same!) So you don’t even want to waste a single branch.

But what can you do when a branch of a shade tree appears to be leaning down toward the ground, and when “the ground” turns out to be a Los Angeles street?

This is how they do it in Brentwood, California. It’s sturdy, although a larger prop will be needed if the branch grows much bigger.

In his walk a few days ago our son Todd came across this unusual sight. They had propped up the branch so it couldn’t fall any farther. It looks like the end of the branch has been trimmed to keep growth away from passing trucks, but the handsome bark can be there for all walkers-by to admire.

I Googled “Metal props for tree branches” and I did find several matches. This one from the University of Florida (https://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/woody/propping.shtml) seems to have good advice, although it shows types that are not nearly as graceful as the one that Todd found. However, it does point out that you want as little contact between the prop and the branch as possible.

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In any event, I thought you might enjoy seeing this. It might come in handy sometime. And, as always, I’m going to refer you to a highly skilled certified arborist for the final word in protecting your important trees.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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