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You’ve read it before here. I grew up in College Station. Bud Rudder and his siblings were my friends. We were all A&M kids.

I’d been thinking really hard for a great topic to share with you, and just as I sat down to write Bud sent me a text with this photo and a great story to go with it. Better than anything I was going to write. I got Bud’s permission. So here it is in his words.

Umbrella placed at the base of a mature Muskogee crape myrtle is the star of this story.

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In Bud Rudder’s words…

Fun crape myrtle story.
After seeing an umbrella stuck in the ground beneath a neighbor’s crape myrtle for a couple of weeks, I asked if they had Mary Poppins as a houseguest.

They didn’t. Story is, they were trimming a bunch of volunteer branches around the base when they noticed the ground and leaves moving!

Turns out there was a bunch of baby rabbits nesting where they had cut away their shade. The umbrella solved the problem!

So that’s Bud’s great little story. I thank him for sharing it with us. Rabbits drive us crazy when we try to garden around them, but what’s not to love about a little nest of sweet bunnies huddled up in a landscape? Great job to these gardeners for helping!

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(I can’t get this close to the topic and not mention this. If you’re from out-of-state and aren’t up on your American history, Google “Gen. James Earl Rudder.” An American hero from WWII who went on to be a pivotal president of Texas A&M University. Bud’s dad always answered the door when I knocked. Always with a big smile and a warm personal greeting. Here is a TAMU link to get you started.)

Posted by Neil Sperry
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