Our favorite summer treat

I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier for the past several months. Replacing my evening sweet treat I’ve switched over to fresh fruit, and this is a way that Lynn and I have really enjoyed.

Original credit goes back to my friend the late Will Jung, former executive director of the Garden Writers Association of America who served this to us board members at his home in Florida 30 years ago. I’ve been fixing it on and off ever since.

Even Neil the non-cook can fix this one. And with the abundance of great fresh fruit in our markets this time of year it’s an easy one to prepare. There’s no particular recipe. You just choose your favorite fresh fruit and mix ‘em to suit.

Fresh fruit abound in Texas groceries right now.

Our bowl usually includes…
Red raspberries
Seedless white grapes
Sliced banana

The biggest challenge comes in not pulling out too much fruit and ending up with more than we can eat. (Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s been close.)

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This is our favorite brand. Perhaps you have another.

2 Yoplait Light Very Vanilla yogurts
5 packets sweetener

And here’s what it looks like. But it tastes even better!

Every bite grabs different fruit. Every bite tastes different. Every bite is delicious.

So that’s it. Don’t fire me as your garden writer. Don’t expect any more “recipes” really soon. I just hope you enjoy it.

Note: My wedding present to my wife 55 years ago was a music box made by Warther’s of Dover, Ohio, with The Wedding March playing when she opened it to pull out a piece of her jewelry. I’ve since bought her a set of Warther’s steak knives for an anniversary gift and last year a collection of other knives for our kitchen. I bought two of these “birds beak” paring knives that I use cutting fruit. Nobody makes better knives than Warther’s. Look at their website and the glorious trains carved by the patriarch. And I got to meet Ernest Warther while he was still carving!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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