Kauai, Hawaii, as Todd Saw It

Screen capture from Todd’s video as their plane neared the airport in Lihue. Click image for larger view.

Our son Todd and his wife Jen both work in television in the Los Angeles area. Todd bought himself a modestly priced, but very nice drone (DJI Mavic Air 2) a couple of years ago and almost immediately started sending us videos of the California mountains, valleys, and coastline. We’re in a rural part of the Metroplex, and he even shot a great video of our wooded neighborhood.

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But you can put them all together and not one of them will measure up to the video he sent back from last week’s trip to Kauai, the greenest and oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands.

Just a couple of facts about Kauai before you hopefully watch:
562 square miles
Nicknamed the “Garden Isle”
Population (2020 census) 73,298

Rugged canyon has been eroded by several millions of years of rainfall. Click image for larger view.

Highest elevation: Kawaikini (5,243 ft.)
Driest location on island: southwestern side of island (less than 20 inches per year)
Wettest location on island: east side of Mount Wai’ale’ale (average annual rainfall 460 inches – more than 38 feet!)
Note the obvious proximity of those rainfall extremes:
Length of the island: 37 miles
Width of the island: 28 miles
Jurassic Park was filmed on Kauai in 1992. Hurricane Iniki, the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Hawaiian Islands, struck during the filming of the movie.

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Ground videos were taken by Jen on iPhone 14. All editing was done on the iPhone 14.

Todd wants you to know that he is FAA licensed and he adheres to all FAA regulations. He does not fly where the sound of the drone would bother people.

This is strictly a hobby for Todd as he endeavors to hike 5-6 miles per day. If he’s not flying his drone while he’s hiking, he’s listening to music and figuring where he might use it.

So, those are your previews. Todd and Jen hope you enjoy the show!

Click here to watch the video.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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