Native Son: Longview Arboretum Garden Tour

I had the pleasure of hosting the Fannie Marchman Garden Club from Mineola today, and we had ourselves a good old-fashioned grand time of it. They are, one and all, obviously fine Texas ladies, as they laughed at my jokes and acted like they understood the dated references in my stories…”Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.”

So … in the spirit of a glorious springtime, we’d like to invite you along on today’s tour. Shall we…?

Fine Texas Ladies

Oxeye daisies soak in the sunshine at the Pond while 7-foot-tall giant coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima) tower nearby. Click on images for larger view.

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Just a few weeks ago, these young adults from Classical Conversations meticulously planted the flowerbeds at front of the stage, and carefully arranged the glass accents.
Now filled in, the bed looks wonderful. Click image for larger view.

An experiment succeeds! Sweet alyssum seed sown in February forms a white carpet billowing out around dwarf bananas in the Spring Hill bed. Click images for larger view.

The 150-foot-long Daisy Border bed, planted by Arboretum volunteer Jan Barth, is a sight to see! Roses in the Southern Living Garden are beautiful and nicely scented. Click images for larger view.

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Discussing the finer details of Japanese painted fern. You’re never far from water at the Longview Arboretum. Click images for larger view.

The Bent Sweetgum hides a secret bench beneath its boughs…ssshhh! Click on images for larger view.

‘Amethyst Falls’ American wisteria sports fragrant, goose-egg sized inflorescences and is a much nicer plant neighbor than its fabulously-flowered, but quite-the-bully Chinese relative. Click image for larger view.
The Big Blue Chair…ummm, is there a big blue chair under there?

Bronze cranes adorn a waterway that gently flows down to join the rose-festooned pond. (What rhymes with “festooned?”) (Am I the only one who just loves that word?) Click images for larger view.

One last chance to partake of the fragrant roses before going back into the Nature Center…to see the Wizard’s Castle and the rest of the Fairy Garden houses! (They’re awesome!) Click images for larger view.

Thanks for coming along on our tour. Hope you had a good time. You can see the rest when you come back next time. And don’t wait too long…you’ll miss stuff. Thanks again. Restrooms to the left; gift shop’s on the right. Y’all drive careful now, ya hear?.


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It’s Gonna Be Big!
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Just so you know … the Longview Arboretum & Nature Center is OPEN! Hours are 10am-5pm, Wednesday through Saturday; Sunday 12 noon-5pm. Come out and see us! And bring your own brand of Zen! 903-212-2181

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Posted by Steven Chamblee
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