Native Son: September 21, 2023

Last month I left you at the beginning of a little jaunt through the Columbus, Ohio’s, magnificent Franklin Park Conservatory. I unashamedly love this place, and must admit that she and I have developed an unusual relationship. She is always amazing when I visit, and I always get lost. It’s not poor signage; it’s a combination of being starstruck at her loveliness & my own proclivity to wander.

Oh, I’ve said too much … let’s tour!

Grand architecture meets grand Chihuly across all of the dozen or so conservatories. A 7-foot Amorphophallus titanium strikes a Chihuly-esque pose. Click images for larger view.

Groovy glass awaits discovery in the conservatories. Click images for larger view.

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Outside, topiary animals hold court, and yes, you can sit on the elephant! Click images for larger view.

Biggest train garden I’ve ever seen! Click images for larger view.

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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Children’s Garden is THE place for kids…big kids, too! Click images for larger view.

Fun ideas abound in the Children’s Garden! Click images for larger view.

I didn’t get his name, but this dude is definitely king of the garden.

Just a few random thoughts on this special day…
Will You Still Need Me,
Will You Still Read Me
When I’m 64

As I get older, losing the flair
I had many years ago
Will you still be telling me that I write well
Or will you tell me that I’ve gone to … heck.

If I ramble on til quarter to three
Would you ask for more
Will you still need me, do you still read me
Now that I’m sixty-four.


The Beatles Guide to Gardening?
All you need is love, money, and a big load of some righteous compost.
I should have known better gardening is more fun with a little help from my friends.
Pulling nutsedge gets you nowhere, man.
Help! Rocky Raccoon pawned my ticket to ride for a stupid blackbird!
She came in through the bathroom window … forgot her sunscreen.
Don’t be a fool on the hill; use cypress mulch on slopes.
I think I’ll drive my car down Penny Lane to the strawberry fields.
Money can’t buy me love, but it’ll get you nice glass onion.
Rule #9…#9: If you find a yellow submarine in your octopus’s garden; let it be.
I saw her standing there, so I yelled, “Lovely Rita! Get out of the fire ants!”

— Lagniappe —
What did the happy Australian manure composter say? Love me doo!


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Posted by Steven Chamblee
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