Indian Marker trees

This is a genuine Indian Marker tree, validated by careful research by Steve Houser and others. Oh, the stories it could tell.

(All photos are screen captures of the segment of Texas Country Reporter linked below.)

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About the time I sat down to write my final story for this week’s e-gardens I got a note from my friend Steve Houser. It seems that Bob and Kelli Phillips from Texas Country Reporter had recently paid him a visit, and the topic was Indian Marker trees.

When you sit down in Steve’s office, as Bob and Kelli Phillips did, you pretty well know you’re going to be talking about trees.

Steve is founder and owner of Arborilogical Services (advertiser here in e-gardens), but he’s also a longtime volunteer in many fascinating fields. His work on Indian marker trees may be one of the best.

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These are trees the Indians twisted, bent, or otherwise contorted to mark trails, water holes, low-water crossings, and other important geographic locations.

When you hear me say that “Steve Houser is ‘beady-eyed serious’ about trees,” this is the image you need to remember. Trees love this man! So do I and the rest of his friends!

I hope you enjoy this segment from a recent Texas Country Reporter.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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