Question: The broadleafed weedkiller I used seemed to be a fertilizer for the weeds. They didn’t even know they had been sprayed. What could I have done wrong?

Answer: Usually when that happens it’s because of an error in our application. Weedkillers require as much leaf area as possible for the best results. For that reason you don’t want to mow for several days before or after you spray. You don’t want to spray while there is dew on the leaves, and you should not spray before a rain. If the weeds were especially woody, toward the end of their growing season, for example, the weedkiller might not be effective. Some weedkillers take longer than others to do their work, and it may be that you were simply using the wrong category of weedkiller for the problem you faced. Show your nurseryman the product you used and the weed you were trying to control, just to make sure you were properly directed.

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