Question: How can I eliminate St. Augustine that is invading my bermuda lawn? Both of my neighbors have St. Augustine, and now it has almost covered my bermuda.

Answer: We used to have MSMA to do that job for us. It would kill St. Augustine without harming bermuda. When it left the market, however, we were left with no selective herbicide that would do the same job. You may have to spot-treat with a glyphosate herbicide to kill the St. Augustine, even though it will also kill the bermuda that it hits. Products containing glyphosate as their only active ingredients do not contaminate the soil, so you can replant with new sod within a couple of weeks of the spraying. At that same time, determine some line of demarcation between your lawn from those of your neighbors, whether by letting shrub or flower beds extend out between the properties, or by installing some type of edging against which your neighbors can trim the St. Augustine, to keep it in place (or, a combination of both techniques).

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