Question: How do I lay out my perennial garden?

Answer: First, perennials are probably best in a dedicated bed, out away from the house. Most will grow and bloom best in full or nearly full sun, and good drainage is a must. You may want to plant in raised beds, mixing in generous amounts of peat moss, compost, bark mulch, manure and other organic matter. Position a few evergreen shrubs within the bed for their off-season permanence. Plant your perennials so there will be pockets of color at any given season. Taller types should go in the back, tapering down to the trailing foreground plants. Have a planting plan grid as a permanent record of all your varieties. Many perennials become almost invisible during their dormant seasons. Be prepared, too, to shift plants around as the bed matures. You’ll tire of some types and you’ll want to try others. A really good perennial garden is never quite finished.

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