Question: How much should I be watering my grass, and how often?

Answer: Those are unanswerable questions, but it should be noted that we Texans have historically over-watered our lawngrasses. You need to water the grass when it’s dry, whether that’s after 3 days or 3 weeks. When you do water it, soak it deeply, then wait until it is dry before you water it again. That will encourage deep root growth to get that last available water, which, in the long run, helps the grass get through times of trouble. The rule of thumb has been that turf needs one inch of water per week during the summer months. If you’re using an automatic sprinkling system, it’s best to have a “smart” controller that monitors weather conditions, soil and plant types, sun/shade and slope to aid in determining when the system should be run. Otherwise, leave your controller in the “Manual” position, and run it only as needed.

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