Question: If I want to start my own seedlings indoors, how do I do it?

Answer: You’ll need a highly organic, porous and sterile potting mix. Use none of your native topsoil). Moisten the planting mix thoroughly, then sow the seeds in rows in very shallow furrows. Sow them thinly, with enough space between seeds that they won’t crowd one another. You can crease the seed packet to make a line along which you can tap the seeds. Smaller seeds will not need to be covered, but b-b-sized seeds can be covered one to two times their thickness with the same mix. Remoisten the surface of the planting medium, then place it in a bright and warm location until the seeds start to sprout. Once you can see seedlings, you’ll need to move the seed flats to very bright light, so the young plants won’t get lanky and spindly. Once they’re tall enough to handle by their true leaves (never touch the stem itself), replant them individually into small pots filled with the same good potting mix. Fertilize them with a root stimulator liquid fertilizer after planting, then use a complete-and-balanced analysis with each subsequent feeding.

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