Question: We have a large tree that suffered damage during a windstorm. The trunk seems to have split, although both main branches are still in place. How can we repair it? Do we wrap something around the trunk, or will that harm it further?

Answer: First, be very cautious. The tree has been weakened, and it could split further at any time. You may want quickly to call for the help of a certified arborist. However, many splits can be handled by home gardeners. Secure the trunk temporarily by banding or clamping it tightly together with a padded strap of some sort. Then, drill completely through the trunk’s split at right angles to the split. Use a comparatively large diameter bit for a large limb. Install an all-thread rod through the new hole, and put large washers and nuts on each end, then cut the all-thread rod to length. You may want to drill two or three more holes – depending on the size of the trunk and the magnitude of the split. It probably would help to cable the main branches farther up in the tree.

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