Question: What are the most dependable fruit varieties for North Texas?

Answer: State Fruit and Pecan specialist for Texas A&M, Dr. George Ray McEachern, is my guest each Super Bowl Sunday. He revised and updated his recommended list of fruit and nut varieties for the northeastern third of Texas, including DFW and surrounding counties.

These are listed in order of ease and dependability for the area:

1. Orient pear
2. Methley plum
3. Arapaho blackberry
4. Caddo pecan
5. Eureka persimmon
6. Grapes
— Jelly: Champanel
— Wine: Blanc duBois
— Juice and wine: Black Spanish
— Table grape: Thompson Seedless, SV 12-375 or S-9110
(Note that Thompson Seedless will produce good yields for several years, but that it will also have the shortest life expectancy. Pierce’s Disease is the limiting factor.)
7. Muscadine Black Beauty (plus a pollinator variety)
8. Red Globe peaches
9. Celeste figs
10. Mollie’s Delicious apples (replaces old standard Holland)

Many of these are available in local independent retail garden centers. Most are available by mail during the winter dormant season from Womack Nursery in de Leon, Texas (

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