Question: What is the plant with the scalloped leaves and little purple flowers in early spring, and how do I get it out of my lawn?

Answer: That’s henbit, and it’s really annoying. The good news is, it’s also easy to eliminate. Simply mowing the plants down once they have started to form their flower buds will usually kill them. They are reluctant to send up new shoots. You can also use a broadleafed weedkiller to control existing plants in late November or mid-February warm spells (follow label directions, especially as they pertain to temperature). Best option of all, however, is to apply a pre-emergent in mid-September to keep them ever from sprouting. You can also use the broadleafed weedkiller and pre-emergent treatments to deal with dandelions, clover and chickweed, among other annual broadleafed weeds.

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