Question: What care do I need to give my poinsettia?

Answer: First, transport it home carefully. Paper plant sleeves help protect the bracts from being broken, and they can also shelter it momentarily from freezing temperatures. Just a minute’s exposure to below-freezing weather can kill the plant. When removing the paper sleeve, tear the paper, rather than trying to hoist the plant up and out of it. Keep your poinsettia cool, bright and moist. Those were the conditions under which it was grown in its greenhouse, and that’s what it will need in your home over the holidays. If you let a poinsettia dry out to the point of wilting even once, you will see half or more of its lower leaves turn yellow and fall within days. You won’t need any special fertilizer as long as it’s blooming. There will be ample nutrients in the potting soil. Keep it near a bright window, and keep it away from hot drafts.

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