Question: What groundcover would be less maintenance than my lawngrass? I’m tired of mowing, feeding, weeding and watering.

Answer: That may not be the way the question is usually worded, but the implications are the same. The lowest-maintenance way to cover bare ground is with turfgrass. True, you’ll have to mow it, but you also have to trim groundcovers periodically. You shouldn’t walk in your groundcovers and you also have to hand-pull the weeds, since weedkillers would damage the groundcover. Neither of these is a problem with turfgrass. Turf probably requires less attention to watering and feeding than any groundcover you might like. Use groundcovers where it’s difficult to maintain turf, for example in long, narrow beds, on steep slopes and in really shady areas. You can also use them as transitions between shrubs and turf. But, don’t count on them to be less work than turfgrass.

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