Question: What groundcover could I use to replace my lawn? I’m tired of lawn upkeep.

Answer: That’s a bad plan. Groundcovers may seem like labor-savers since they don’t have to be mowed, but there are many other maintenance factors. Consider the extra bed preparation and the labor of planting the groundcover (not to mention the very great expense of planting hundreds, even thousands, of plants). Then, all weeding and trimming must be done by hand. Grass is the lowest maintenance covering of bare ground that we have. Of course, there are times when groundcovers may be preferable. In heavy shade, where grass thins and dies, choose from liriope, mondograss, the various ivies and even Asian jasmine and purple wintercreeper (both outstanding full-sun groundcovers as well). Use deeply rooted groundcovers to hold soil on steep slopes where mowing would be difficult. Liriope, mondograss, purple wintercreeper and purpleleaf honeysuckle are possibilities.

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