Question: What will kill things like clover, dandelions and that ugly little weed with the purple flowers that I have every spring.

Answer: That third weed is henbit, and simply mowing your lawn will usually get rid of it. It’s a weak grower that doesn’t have the energy to form new stems and leaves once it’s been cut down. You can use any of the many broadleafed weedkiller sprays to control all three of these non-grassy weeds. Read and follow label directions pertaining to temperature and rainfall carefully for the best results. Treat prior to Thanksgiving if at all possible. These weeds will be small and just getting started at that point. If you wait until they’re big and unsightly, it will be too cool for the spray to work and you’ll have to look at them until things warm up in the spring. Best answer of all, though: prevent their ever germinating with a pre-emergent weedkiller that is specific to broadleafed weeds. Your local independent nurseryman will show you the options. Time your application for early to mid-September.

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