Question: Where can I get really good landscape design help?

Answer: There are several good ways. You may even want to try a combination of all of them. First, you can do much of the planning yourself. If you feel comfortable with the various types of plants and how they will perform in your soils and climate, and if you have at least a basic working knowledge of design principles, you can do much of the work yourself. At least you’ll be more conversant on the fine-tunings of good design. Your local nursery may have a landscape designer on staff. Sometimes they will even do the design for you at a reduced fee if you buy your plants through that nursery. Texas is also blessed with a large number of outstanding landscape contractors. These are the men and women who actually do the work of getting the landscapes up and running. In addition to planting the trees and shrubs and building the retaining walls, many of these firms can also do the initial design of those improvements as well. Look for a Texas Certified Landscape Professional, and ask for references. Finally, you may also want to look for a registered landscape architect. These people are degreed, registered planners of fine landscapes. Many work solely on commercial gardens, but many will also do residences. Again, ask for places where you can see their work. Be certain you’re comfortable with their design ideas.

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