Question: Where can I plant my fruit and pecan trees? How much space will they need, and how much sunlight?

Answer: Fruit and pecan trees need ample space so that they can grow to full height and width without encountering shade from adjacent trees. That means that fruit trees will generally need 20 feet or more and pecan trees at least 40 feet. If you’re planting them near shade trees, be sure you take the final mature spread of the shade trees into account, not just their current limb span. You also want fruit trees to be planted in higher locations, where late frosts are less likely to settle and ruin the flowers or young fruit. If breezes blow through the area, so much the better. Avoid rocky, shallow soils for all fruit and nut crops, and be sure the subsurface soil is well drained. You can always add more water, but it’s much more difficult to remove excess water.

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