GARDENS Magazine - January/February 2007

Feature Articles

Under the Umbrella

From food and spices to perfumes and posions, the Umbelliferae family claims some of the most popular -- and infamous -- plants around.

Buck Roses

The story of Griffith Buck is woven with threads of Spanish pen pals, German friends and Amercian ingenuity.


Chinese photinia; Arizona cypress

Painted Pots

A mid-winter project helps gardeners breeze through to spring.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

My top six garden references.

Ask Neil

Battling St. Augustine decline, aftercare for amaryllis, and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Enchantment Linaria

Tough nature, splashy blooms, sweet-smelling -- this plant has "Texan" written all over it.


Quick and easy cool-season color.

Dutch Iris

Jewel-toned exclamation points in the landscape.


Tips to growing this challenging herb successfully in Texas.

Empress of China Dogwood

A new evergreen variety that smothers itself with blooms.

Designing Texas

The Bones of the Landscape

Evaluating and building the framework of your garden.

Texas Tips

Commonsense Gardening

A few simple principles that every gardener should follow.

Pruning Basics

Tips for tidying up your trees, shrubs and more.

Assessing Drought Damage

Determining whether renovation is required for your lawn.

Finishing Touch

Sign Language

Follow the directions to whimsical garden decor.

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