GARDENS Magazine - January/February 2011

Feature Articles


The native holly with attitude.

East Meets the New West

Gardening with a sense of balance.

Rock Stars

Creating a sensation with garden stone.

Ten 'Must Grow' Tomatoes

Advice from the man of 100 plants.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

A magazine milestone.

Ask Neil:

Pruning roses, transplanting hardy hibiscus, propagating figs, and more.

Lone Stars


Meet the fabled, fragrant cousin.

Bountiful Blackberries

City gardeners can grow this popular, carefree fruit, too.

Mexican Buckeye

A trouble-free specimen shrub with butterly and bee appeal.

Rising Star: Mahonia eurybracteta

'Soft Caress' -- Introducing a soft, mounding evergreen that grows even in dry shade.

Designing Texas

The Lovely Bones

Using texture, structure and evergreens for year-round beauty.

Texas Tips

Tool Care

Helpful hints from an avid garden tool user.

Sorting the Cultivars

Your guide to new varieties of St. Augustine for Texas.

Finishing Touch

Garden Pedestals

Rising to new heights.

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