GARDENS Magazine - January/February 2015

Feature Articles

Driveway landscaping

Dress up adjacent green spaces with color and texture.

Waltz of the wallflowers

These winter color plants are not shrinking violets.

Success by design

Intentional plant selection beats random variety grabs every time.

Heirloom beauties

Deciduous flowering shrubs from Grandmother's Garden.

Success with seedlings

Break out those see packets for the spring garden!

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

Gardening in ALL seasons.

Ask Neil:

Lace bug damage, branch pruning, pecan leaf composting and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: 'Simply Salad' Mixes

Modern seed technology gives us gorgeous lettuce combos.

Chervil, the Gourmet Herb

The tender annual adds interest in both garden and kitchen.

Designing Texas

Lesser-Known Garden Gems

Annuals and perennials to fill your beds with color and interest.

Finishing Touch

Rain Chains

Channeling rainwater in a beautiful, imaginative way.

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