GARDENS Magazine - July/August 2011

Feature Articles

Legends in pink and gold

A noted Texas plantsman tells the story of two terrific finds.

Shady characters

Solving the baffling mystery of the shade garden.

Beach resort in minature

A tiny Galveston patio with sea-sized charm.

Okra and other hot-weather veggies

Explore the parade of great edibles for the summer garden.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

Landscaping shortcut, big-time effect.

Ask Neil:

Dallisgrass, fire blight, cypress-knees, acorns and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Zea perennis "Winning Streak'

Grow this easy-care ornamental corn for exciting foliage.

Summetime Brights

Hot-weather garden color in a matter of choosing the right plants.

Designing Texas

Croton Colorfest

Tropical summer color for areas both large and small.

Texas Tips

Growing Glorious Gingers

Showy flowers and dramtic foliage for shady locations.

Plant for Texas Heat

Try these Texas Superstars® and other summer-tough favorites.

Finishing Touch

Child's Play

Kids' garden wonderlands can be simple or elaborate.

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