GARDENS Magazine - July/August 2013

Feature Articles

Pairing plants with patios

Trade that monotonous slab for a beautiful, nurturing refuge.

Commonsense pest control

Vigilance, organics, predators and the right inorganics help the cause.

Thinking vertically

Vines, espaliers and sculptural shrubs for beautiful landscapes.

Graduating to shade

Cherishing Mother Nature's gift of a mature landscape.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

More containers, less water use.

Ask Neil:

Oak galls, mulches, plants for screens, and more.

Lone Stars

Bachelor's Buttons

Tales of an old-fashioned, warm-season Southern annual.

Rising Star: Tecoma x hybrida

Colorful new esperanzas to rival an old favorite.

Stevia -- a Sweet Herb for Texas

Leaves of this trouble-free herb are natural sweeteners.

Designing Texas

A Tapestry of Textures

Plants with contrasting foliage elevate the excitement.

Finishing Touch

Rising to New Heights

10 ways to decorate outdoor staircases.

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