GARDENS Magazine - March/April 2004

Feature Articles

Top 10 Perennials

Take a peek at the top performers in one of North Texas' largest trial gardens


Indian hawthorn; western soapberry

See-Through Plants

Wispy, airy, wiry, lacy--however you say it, these plants add subtle texture and interest to perennial borders

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Blackberry lily--a longtime favorite; Persian ivy sale returns

Ask Neil

Perking up pansies, choosing trees and shrubs for screens, dividing liriope and more

Lone Stars

Rising Star

'Amazon' Dianthus: Multi-colored mophead blooms dazzle gardens in spring and fall


Long lasting spikes of color beckon hummingbirds and butterflies


A prime perennial for Texas gardens

Eve's Necklace

This small tree flaunts fragrant blooms followed by curious seedpods


Billowy blossoms for any Texas landscape


Colorful, non-stop bloomers that love the heat

Designing Texas

Planting in the Footprints of Trees

Solutions for shade-saturated areas

Creating a View

Maximizing the vantage points in your garden and landscape

Texas Tips

Crops in Pots

Get growing--no matter how small your space

All About Zoysia

What you should know about the shade-tolerant turfgrass

Finishing Touch

Fancy Feeders are Humdingers

These feeders are almost as pretty as the hummingbirds who visit them

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