GARDENS Magazine - March/April 2006

Feature Articles

New Looks for Southern Belles

Flaunting striped flowers, ruffled edges, hot new hues and more, azaleas are looking better than ever.


Chinese pistachio, dogwood

Herb'n Renewal

Learn from this expert which new herb varieties to try in your Texas garden.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Pass-along plants

Ask Neil

Eliminating weeds, pruning spring-blooming roses, and more

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Blue Flax Seed Lily

Luminous variegated foliage fills a long-empty niche.

Pineapple Guava

Four seasons of interest from one beautiful shrub.


Lucky clover? Not quite, but these plants' shamrock-shaped leaves might be your garden's pot of gold.

Gooseneck Loosestrife

This curious, whimsical bloomer is ideal for shady gardens.

American Wisteria

A more mannerly alternative to its Chinese cousin.

Designing Texas

Mini Makeovers

Transforming forgotten spaces into eye-catching gardens.

Structure and Form

The new aesthetic in garden design features graceful silhouettes, strong shapes and structural lines.

Taking Your Garden to New Heights

Create visual interest - and more space - in your garden by going vertical.

Texas Tips

Dips, Ruts and Sink Holes

How to handle uneven situations in your lawn.

Controlling Grub Worms in Texas

Prevention tips and treatment options.

Finishing Touch

Colorful Moodmakers

Hardscapes and accents create garden ambiance.

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