GARDENS Magazine - March/April 2009

Feature Articles

Orchids: a texas obsession

Exotic beauties for home and greenhouse

Naturescaping, naturally

A Kingwood gardener tends her patch of earth with care

Easy as one, two, seed

If a kindergartener can do it, why don't we?

Time for roses

Meeting the challenges of rose-growing in Texas

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Textures of a garden.

Ask Neil

Pillbugs, root removal, recommended pomegrantes, and more.

Lone Stars

Lone Star: Salad Burnet

An old-fashioned herb that deserves a place in today's garden.

Rising Star: Trailing 'Fanfare' Impatiens

Unbelievable sun tolerance in a new variety.

Lone Star: Agarita

Meet a beautiful native member of the barberry family.

Designing Texas

Antiques in the Garden

Plants and objects that are treasures from the past.

Garden Journals

The rewards of tracking the history of your garden.

Texas Tips

Teepee Gardening

Easy, efficient ways to garden vertically.

Oxygen, Please!

Solving problems of soil compaction.

Finishing Touch

Pocket full of beauty

Creative ways with corners, nooks and crevices.

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