GARDENS Magazine - March/April 2015

Feature Articles

Repeat After Me

The landscape design element that tops them all.

Storybook Blossoms

Legends of the South, crinums are worthy of adulation.

The Right Relationship

Good plants, good advice, good vibes at your independent nursery.

Big Tomatoes with Big Taste

So you want to lap a burger with one great-tasting slice?

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

Personal steps to success.

Ask Neil:

Texas sage pruning tips, fern division, twig gridlers and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Begonia 'Jurassic' Series

Rex begonias that are not just beautiful, but Texas tough.

Herbs with Lemon Flavor

From lemon thyme to lemon grass, these herbs are special pleasures.

The Legendary Passion Flower

A striking, unique and tough vine for much of Texas.

Designing Texas

From Evergreens to Ever Welcoming

An exuberant floral entry welcomes friends to a Kingwood gardener's home.

Finishing Touch

Wattles and Withies

Weave a garden project with fresh-cut branches and saplings.

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