GARDENS Magazine - May/June 2004

Feature Articles

Memory Trees

Marking graduations, births, holidays and more, special plantings keep memories alive

Heritage Blooms Here

For the residents of Galveston, the thousands of oleanders in bloom around the city represent more than 100 years of living history


Yaupon holly; trailing periwinkle

Daylilies for Days

What's new with this perennial southern charmer, and which favorites should you plant?

Fruit Farms at Your Fingertips

Fresh fruit is just a drive away at pick-your-own farms throughout Texas

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Our recycled cedar arbor

Ask Neil

The proper way to prune crape myrtles, thinning fruit trees, and more

Lone Stars

Scented Geraniums

Favorite aromas fill the air when you plant these sun-loving foliage plants

Golden Raintree

Foot-long golden blooms make this small tree a graceful landscape addition


Pincushion flower proves irresistible to butterflies


An easy way to add dramatic color to shady and sunny landscapes

Rising Star

'Black Magic' Elephant Ears: Tropical drama is just a plant away

Designing Texas

Gravel Pathways

Simple to install and naturally pretty, gravel walks are the way to go


Add vertical interest and unique design to your home landscape

Texas Tips

It's Flea Season Again

Find out the secrets to controlling fleas in your yard and on your pet

Rejuvenate Your Lawn

Verticutting removes thatch, thins the grass and stimulates new growth

Finishing Touch

Mailbox Makeovers

Transforming plain into pretty

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