GARDENS Magazine - May/June 2009

Feature Articles

The Lily Farm

Meet a Texas hybridizer and his prize-winning daylilies


Wondrous, mystical, magical garden transitions


Dramatic, sculptural succulents to accent the garden

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Building a garden, room by room

Ask Neil

Nana nandinas, aerobic sprinklers, philodendron cuttings and more

Lone Stars

Lone Star: Indispensable Basil

The vast array includes variegated 'Pesto Perpetuo'.

Rising Star: Zinnia 'Zahara' Series

Introducing a bright new hybrid that resists powdery mildew.

Designing Texas

Container Garden Care

Essentials for lovely, healthy, overflowing pots.

Living Edging

Delineate beds with graceful, first-tier border plants.

Texas Tips

Combating Sedges

War on this perennial lawn weed requires patience.

Low-Volume Irrigation

It can save the day in vegetale gardens and flowerbeds.

Finishing Touch

Animal Magnetism

A parade of statuary for every garden setting.

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