GARDENS Magazine - November/December 2005

Feature Articles

Conifers for Texas

Yes, you can grow them here. Read on to find out how, and which ones to plant

Seedeaters welcome!

Plants that entice winter birds


Dwarf burford holly; juniper

Friendly figures

Creating a garden friend from terra cotta pots is simple-and fun

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Wrapping your trees' trunk in greenery

Ask Neil

Moving crape myrtles, pecan spray schedule, and more

Lone Stars

'Garden Spice' and 'Devon Cottage' Dianthus

Perennial pinks that stand up to Texas' tough standards

English Ivy

This multi-use vine is an old-time favorite


Flame-leaf and other sumacs are the lesser-known stars of cool-weather gardens

'Yuletide' Camellia

This flowering shrub brings your winter garden to life

Leatherleaf Mahonia

A plant for all seasons

Designing Texas

Evergreens of a Different Color

These colorful shrubs hold their foliage all year round

Sizing Up Your Landscape

In terms of good landscape design, scale is essential

Texas Tips

De-Bugging Houseplants

From swarms of gnats to cotton-like goo, find out what's bugging your plants and how to fix it

Winter Pruning Guide for Woody Plants

A how-to and timeline for shaping up your garden

Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Clearing up misconceptions now puts you ahead of the game for spring

Finishing Touch

Boulder Basics

Give your landscape "natural" appeal by installing stone

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