GARDENS Magazine - November/December 2011

Feature Articles

Boxwood -- a Garden Classic

Dense, evergreen and heat-tolerant, it deserves better press

A Berry Beautiful Winter

Color fruit producers to brighten your days and feed wildlife

Maples in Texas, Oh My!

Colorful Lone Star natives and adoptees may surprise you

Building Texture

Plants' boldness or delicacy contributes to landscaping success

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

Fall color favorites.

Ask Neil:

Mexican petunias, gardenias, Leyland cypress problems and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Hostas on Trial

Texas-tolerant varieties that survived the summer of 2011!

Pak Choi

To freshen your menus and your cool-season landscape.

Designing Texas

Bulbs Gone Wild

Carefree bulbs that return and spread with the passing years.

Texas Tips

Handling Leaves Wisely

Managing Mother Nature's source of mulch and nutrients.

Protecting Plants from the Winter Cold

With makeshift arragements or greenhouses, there's always hope.

Tree Planting 101

Tips to make your new tree thrive from the start.

Finishing Touch

Trough Talk

Farm castoffs or handmade specialties, troughs capture imagination.

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